Save the Worlds Smallest Dolphin from Extinction

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The Problem

New Zealand's Maui's dolphins are dying because they are getting caught in fishing nets. Now there are less than 50 left in the world. Help me save them. Video: I work with NABU International on behalf of the Maui Dolphins in New Zealand to spread the word about this problem to the world. What we need is people from all over the world to put pressure on the New Zealand government to make a change!

Our Plan

Spread the word!!! To pressure the New Zealand government to save the Maui's dolphins, I: - Wrote a letter to the Prime Minister of New Zealand - Work with NABU International to help spread the word - Type my own blog with NABU International at - Talk to my friends and school about the Maui dolphins - Speak to groups in my community - Raise money to help save them - Wrote a letter to a local grocerer to tell them to stop carrying fish from New Zealand - Share the message with people when I travel - Make posters - Talked to a newspaper

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