Save the Trees from Slaughter!

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    Ashtabula, Ohio
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The Problem

Our wish for this project is that people will either find alternative methods to cutting down trees and if that is not possible, then people will plant trees to keep the cycle of life going for our planet. We aim to teach our students why trees are important, not only for animals, but for people. We want our students to see trees as our "friend." "Friends who serve as homes for our resident bald eagles and backyard birds and "friends" that keep our air clean and help supply us with oxygen! Trees also are beautiful and we want our students to really appreciate the beauty of every tree. Our overall wish is for our students to share their knowledge and respect for trees with our community and the world! Lastly, we like to draw attention to palm oil and how palm oil plantations are negatively impacting the endangered orangutan.

Our Plan

We would like to purchase a tree or trees to plant in our schoolyard or locally. We would like our students to write an article for our local newspaper about the importance of trees. This article will also focus on deforestation and its negative impacts locally, nationally and globally. This article will also feature the endangered orangutan and hyacinth macaw, two species that depend on trees for survival. We also would like to educate our school and community about palm oil and how palm oil plantations are contributing to deforestation. Lastly, we'd like to introduce sustainable palm oil options or alternatives, in our foods and products, to our school and community.

Themes Addressed

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    Air Pollution
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    Community Enhancement

The Benefit

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