Save The Sea Turtles!

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The Problem

Turtles are endangered animals. The Pacific Ridley Sea Turtle is the smallest species, and their biggest threat is egg poaching. William-Guillen created a fake egg and put it in multiple sea turtle nests to track down egg poachers. I can't stop the egg poachers but there is something I can do. Everyone uses plastic like plastic bags and straws which gets into the ocean, and it gets rapped around their necks, fins, and head causing turtles to die. It's such a big problem that there is a big island of trash called The Great Pacific Garbage Patch in the Pacific. It is as big as Texas!

Our Plan

We can help by not using so much plastic! There are other choices like bamboo straws and reusable bags. I am also making a Sea Turtle Club in my local community. I used recycled bags and sent them out to my friends to spread the word and put things in the bag to encourage them to help save the sea turtles like a paper straw! I hope that they will make some changes to!

Themes Addressed

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    Clean Water
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    Water Pollution & Conservation
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The Benefit

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