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The Problem

I am an elementary art teacher at Edgewater Elementary in Edgewater Florida. As a child I always loved elephants, and dreamed of going to Africa to see them in their natural environment. I am also a great follower and admirer of Jane Goodall. My school of around 650 students just finished a painting unite based on the book about Jane Goodall's Life "The Watcher". As I was researching information about Jane Goodall for this project I saw the Roots and Shoots project.

Our Plan

My school has about two months left of school and art class is only 35mins. once a week. I would project that all elephant paintings will be finished by June ,and I will then find a t-shirt printing company to print t-shirts to sell at the end of the year and continue selling in the fall. We would like to donate all sales to the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust.

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The Benefit

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