Save our Sewers

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    East Jordan, Michigan
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    Any Age
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    Community-Based Program

The Problem

Improper disposal of garbage and hazardous materials into the storm drains and sanitary sewers is causing pollution into our area lakes and rivers. High water levels are causing massive erosion along the shores of the lake, causing sediment and debris to wash into the lake and river.

Our Plan

Begin a public education campaign about responsible disposal options. Set up displays at Earth Day events, farmers markets, and city festivals. Also focus on some environmental enhancements along the shores where the storm sewers empty into the lake. Tree and shrub plantings in the city parks that are experiencing erosion due to the high water and create a natural windbreak at the wastewater plant.

Themes Addressed

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    Clean Water
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    Water Pollution & Conservation

The Benefit

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Here is how the project went:

With the closure of schools in Michigan, we decided to roll out our public education campaign on the City of East Jordan's Facebook page. We will be doing a series of weekly pictures of Jordy the Walleye explaining what he is doing to help keep the lake and river clean.

Through this project I/we learned:

I learned that we have to be able to adapt our campaign to whatever is thrown at us, in this case COVID-19 closing down the state.

What I/we might change:

I think that I would look at being able to do an online presence along with the physical events.

My/our favorite part of this project was:

Getting the costume for Jordy the Walleye. Having a mascot will allow us to do so many more events.

Some tips, tricks or fun facts about the project:

Don't be afraid to reach out to community or industry organizations. I was able to get some pretty cool wastewater swag to hand out at our booth from an organization of water/wastewater professionals.

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