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The Problem

I want to educate people about the cruelty of the wildlife trade, especially the bird trade in Indonesia. I want to raise people's awareness that birds are living beings and not consumer products. The ever-growing bird trade along with the destruction of natural habitats has brought many birds to the brink of extinction. Birds are an essential part of the conservation of natural ecosystems. I would like to promote an alternative to aviculture by publicizing bird watching instead of bird mania. I would like to organize a birdwatching tourist attraction with a community to encourage the poor communities, which has been deprived of its forest, to stop trading in birds and earn their livelihood on a sustainable basis.

Our Plan

To raise the public's attention we want to make graffiti, paintings, exhibitions, performances and T-shirts. For students I would like to offer bird watching trips and educational programs. We would like to discuss and realize a sustainable project together with one community and find out how bird watching could be part of it. We will also do research online and real bird markets since their is a huge hype in Java for birds now especially rare and endangered ones are oppenly sold. As birdwatching is an important part, we will also go to some still conserved places to count and determine the bird species. We will connect with other birdwatchers, bird protecting communities like FLIGHT , BKSDA, AnimalFriendsYogya and BIONIC.

Themes Addressed

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    Indigenous Rights
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    Pets & Companion Animals
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The Benefit

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