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The Problem

I want to make people more aware of the cruelty of the still-growing wildlife trade, especially the bird trade in Indonesia. The bird trade along with the destruction of natural habitats have brought many birds in Indonesia to the brink of extinction.  Java is currently the center of Indonesia's illegal bird trade. From all parts of Indonesia and other Southeast Asian countries bird species are smuggled in order to satisfy the desire for exoticism, entertainment, representation and status. Birds are not treated as living sentient beings, but as consumer products and property.

Our Plan

We want to create awareness for birds as living beings and important part of our ecosystems. We want to make graffitis, paintings, comics and performances with the message of saving these unique creatures from extinction and bring their voices back to nature. We would like to offer educational programs and bird watching trips for students and adults. We want to make bird watching public as a different way to deal with birds. We want to do research on real and online markets for illegal bird trade as there are many birds are illgally traded openly. And we want to connect with organisations that protect birds and animals like AnimalFriendsJogja, FLIGHT, BKSDA and BURUNG NUSANTARA.

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The Benefit

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