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The Problem

My goal is to help Gulf Specimen Marine Laboratory fundraise $38K on a crowdfunding platform in order to replace their most valuable piece of equipment. Called the ozone machine, this device is responsible for providing clean water to the marine animals at the laboratory. If it could be replaced, this public facility could continue to provide educational experiences for over 20,000 school children annually. The aquarium also rehabilitates injured sea turtles, however, they would be unable to provide critical care to these endangered species without this crucial device. The NC Museum of Natural Sciences is my second home. The Gulf Specimen Marine Laboratory is my third. I visit as often as possible and never cease to be amazed by the quality of animal care and educational programming. There are touch tanks and even as a child I would be able to spend an entire day there. I am so grateful for this facility and hope are, too. DONATE HERE:

Our Plan

My project is to utilize social media networks to help Gulf Specimen continue to keep it's animals happy and healthy.

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