Save Animals/ Spay and Neuter Campaign 2019

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    Starting in Los Angeles area, using technology to go national, California
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The Problem

Our goal is to educate children across America about spay and neuter and that the Humane Society informs us that for every animal spayed or neutered, over 5 years 7,000 animals will NOT be euthanized, abused, abandoned. Our goal is to use technology (which kids and veterans are great using and ALL have access to) to get the word out and raise funds for THEIR local projects.

Our Plan

We will start with a focus group, maybe foster kids, or probation lock down kids, and ask them to design our logo and first tee shirt. Then have THEM use technology to help spread the word. We, the adult will do the contacts with Scout programs, community groups and schools as well as businesses to get people involved in helping in their own local area..........We will utilize online materials and have the youth design a new website for the 2020 campaign if this one is successful. Our goal is to reduce animal populations in America to a point rescues will have to bring in animals from other countries to help!!! We believe youth and veterans who know technology have the ability to reach more people's hearts and reset their minds to help animals and are going to help an incredible number of veterinarians, rescues and stores to spay and neuter more animals free, or low cost each year. Additional information will be available on our web site: in the education section. We expect to create a new website just for this project soon! Design a logo, a tee shirt, and plan a local project to help your own area animals.

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    Pets & Companion Animals
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The Benefit

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