Sanggar Bintang Pelangi

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The Problem

This project is beginning its twelfth year and i wish to sustain it which is more of a challenge because of rising costs. It began with instruction in traditional dancing which was not possible in this poor agricultural mountain village. Then I had a milk aid program supported for 5 years by a Canadian and Australian foundations. It evolved into reading/ storytelling programs and and art program. There is a tree club which plants trees in the forest and farm. Fodd plants have been planted in the jungle for the wildlife, porcupines and the civets. Last year we started a project drawing the medicinal plans which are all around us and I want this program to continue as it is my goal to keep the culture humming in times when the electronic world is pushing so hard. I dont want plant knowledge, forest, wild animals to disappear and I want to protect the rich dance, art and story culture of Bali. the program began with 7 children on Sundays and is now attended by an average of 75 on Saturday and Sunday. I provide a healthy lunch wrapped in banana leaf - up to 100 meals on a weekend

Our Plan

The children already meet on Saturdays and Sundays at my home on the edge of the jungle. We meet in the two dance pavilions I have built over the years. There are two men, Wayan Damai, Wayan Sutika who are very knowledgeable and there are others too, to help us make a book, bit by bit of our local medicinal plants and wild food plants. The more the children know about these plants the more they are likely to protect the forest which we still have in Puakan. Naturally these people should be paid. It is possible to have this part of the program on Saturdays as Sundays are devoted to traditional dance, play, reading and drawing. The cost of the medicinal plant program is, Drawing teacher, and/or Plant teacher for 3 hours, $15, 3 staff helpers, $12, lunch for all, $25. Art supplies are always my personal contribution

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