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The Problem

The Roots and Shoots Summer Camp in August 2015 will take place in the highlands of Pahang, historical Malacca and the coastlines of Johor in Malaysia. It will bring together Roots and Shoots members (current and future) from around Malaysia and beyond, so that like-minded youths can connect and inspire one another to have bigger and better impact in their service to Mother Earth. Our wish is to build the awareness, knowledge and experience of Roots and Shoots members in Malaysia and abroad, in order to improve their ability to make a big and lasting impact with their future Roots and Shoots projects.

Our Plan

Our 2 week summer camp will take campers through the 4 stages of: 1) Sharing, learning and building knowledge about conservation and community projects from around the world 2) Ideating and brainstorming for their own initiatives, either to get started or to expand to new horizons, after the camp 3) Planning out their projects, including learning skills for measuring impact, gaining buy-in and overcoming obstacles 4) Fieldwork Experience in both community and conservation projects, as well as spending field time with scientists who are working in wildlife and marine conservation. At the same time, campers will take on a wide variety of outdoor activities in the beautiful nature of Malaysia, to gain the skills needed to become confident, competent and safe operators in the vast outdoors.

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