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The Problem

We want to participate in valuable citizen science in our community by helping to monitor and report information about local songbird populations observed at our feeding stations and around our campus. We want the community to be aware of our project and mindful of songbirds they see themselves. We will participate in several community gatherings throughout the year to spread the word about what we're doing and how people can make and monitor their own feeding stations. In addition to the weekly data we gather for eBird, we'll count how many school and community events we attend in order to disseminate information and support. Through the school newsletter, we'll ask for people to share their experiences with our viewing stations or ones they create themselves.

Our Plan

Our group participates in Project FeederWatch, a citizen science program of the Cornell Lab of Ornithology. Our group wants to know what species over-winter in our area and what species migrate through. We are along the Pacific FlyWay. We count species weekly (from early November through early April) and report our data to Project FeederWatch and eBird. We will be considering ways to make our community more bird aware and bird-friendly by outreach at community events and the local library. We will be seeking to create awareness of our school's viewing stations and encouraging people to create their own. We'll also create visual displays to educate people about birds they're likely to see. Students will also make presentations at the school during the morning assembly to educate the school community about our local birds. We will create and post informational signs to help other students and community members know what birds they're seeing.

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