Root for Bats!

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    Park City, Utah
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The Problem

We wish to see an expanded bat population in our area. We will know we've succeeded if we find bats using the homes we've constructed! We also wish to help people in our community understand the important role bats play in our ecosystem and to reduce people's fear of these animals.

Our Plan

Our project will improve habitat for bats by providing them with safe shelter to raise young and rest during the day. We will involve younger students from our school (Kindergarteners and fourth graders) in the process of building four bat boxes so they understand that bats are an important part of our ecosystem. We will place the bat boxes on our school campus and in other appropriate sites throughout Summit County, UT with interpretive signage. Finally, we will produce an informative video to share with our school community at an assembly. Our interpretive signs will also include links to the video so that the public in our area can learn about bats and how to help them.

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The Benefit

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