Riverfield’s Recycle Hut

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The Problem

The R & S students raised money by recycling paper, plastic, and aluminum cans to purchase a recycle hut for aluminum cans collected on campus. The aluminum recycling needed a place for storage on campus. All of the paper and plastic that is collected and recycled goes in the Mr. Murph bins that is our community recycling partner. Funds from aluminum cans help to purchase food and supplies for our science lab pets and our barnyard animals. Our goal is to provide care and concern for our environment by recycling and reusing all materials possible on our campus.

Our Plan

R & S students worked with a volunteer contractor in building the recycle hut. First, students had to measure out where the hut would go. Once we found the perfect location, students laid down the concrete foundation in a large flat square slab. Then, students laid out all of the parts for the recycle hut, screwed the legs into the concrete by making holes in the slab with a hammer drill. Once the holes were made, the feet were put on and screwed in tight. Next students put the walls into the feet and bolted everything in tight. Finally, we had to bring in a fork lift to raise the roof up to the top and put it on the hut. Once the roof was on, the recycle hut was finished, and ready to store all of our aluminum recycables.

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