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The Problem

In our 2014-15 school year, the R & S students met as a committee, researched, selected a designed, and proposed the construction of a chicken coop in the barnyard to our administration. It was approved and the construction begins this month. The funds raised for materials was due to campus recycling by our Green Team students. A small business will be created and set up in the business office and the students will sell the fresh eggs. All monies raised will go back to the barnyard for environmental and habitat improvements, food, equipment, and care for the barnyard animals.

Our Plan

The biggest challenges that our students face is the advertising, organizing and distribution of the fresh eggs to our families and community and setting up a calendar of volunteers to help with the coop, collecting eggs, and selling the eggs with the students each month. The teacher and R & S students will present the Chicken Coop project in a PowerPoint presentation to the Riverfield faculty during their beginning of school professional development in August. The coop materials will be ordered in Sept. and the construction of the chicken coop will begin in October. The chickens will be donated by our families and hopefully we will have fresh eggs to sell in the spring of 2016. We will know that our project is successful if our building a chicken coop is completed, volunteers, teachers, and students are in place for care of the coop, and selling of fresh eggs, and our R & S small business starts making a profit for our campus barnyard and animals.

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