Restoring “Native” to the Florida Scrub

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    Lake Wales, Florida
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The Problem

My wish for this project is to help restore part of the natural preserve adjacent to our School of Environmental Studies. While doing this, it is hoped our students will become more aware of their surroundings, the ancient islands on which they learn, and how they can be an integral part in restoring a portion of what has been disturbed.

Our Plan

The project will occur in several stages: *Meeting and developing the plan with specific state organizations to ensure how to go about the restoration effectively *Developing the curriculum to utilize throughout the project, including history of the Scrub, native plant species, wildlife indigenous to the area, and the importance of preserving this area of ancient islands *The project from this present school year on the Floridan Aquifer will be included, as much research went into understanding how the aquifer is recharged through the Florida Scrub areas *Scheduling times for students to go out on the preserve to study the Florida Scrub area that is intact and pristine, while also scheduling times to go out and replant native species in the area of the preserve which has been disturbed *This particular project will include community volunteers, Florida Wildlife Commission, and other organizations related to native plant species for the Scrub *Celebration the first year will take place around Earth Day, with invitations going out to donors, families, and community members *The project is in beginning stages and will take place over several years. The first year will include the initial steps, with planned celebrations as each step is developed and takes place. Sharing with Roots and Shoots will take place in May, 2017, as the project will not officially begin until May, 2016.

Themes Addressed

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    Indigenous Rights

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