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The Problem

We are raising funds and organizing a project to replace large, old-growth trees that became diseased and were cut down on our school campus this year. The long-term goal is to give the lost shade and beauty back to the campus in hot and sunny Tucson, Arizona. We hope to plant native and water-sensitive trees to replace very large, old-growth trees on our school campus that were diseased and cut down earlier this year. In Tucson, Arizona, the weather is very hot for most of the year and the old trees provided shade that allowed students to be outside, reduced energy bills for nearby buildings, and provided year-round beauty. Three large and old trees were removed and the area around them is now very hot and sunny. Temperatures often reach more than 105 F from April to September and more than 90 F from early March to late October. The removal of the old trees prompted a overwhelmingly negative response from students. Replacing these trees will be a gift for future generations of students so that they may enjoy the outdoor landscape. The trees also provided a place for wild birds and other animals to live and replacing these beautiful trees could inspire students about their environment.

Our Plan

Local organizations can provide us with trees for a nominal fee of about $75 per tree (this depends on size and type). With a $200 grant and other money raised, we could bring large or numerous trees to campus. We are coordinating with our school's administration to facilitate this process, find good locations for the trees, and get them planted. Our help will make sure that planting new trees is funded regardless of the school's budget. We hope to plant the trees by the end of May 2015. The exact timing will depend on the availability of funding, the schedule of the administration, and other potential issues like providing the trees with appropriate irrigation in our dry climate. We are well-organized and in contact with the necessary people at all times, so as soon as we secure the resources needed to plant the trees, we will do so. If there are new trees on campus, we will know that our campaign was successful. It will be visible, but we will also conduct a campaign to make sure students and teachers recognize the role of the school's Roots & Shoots group in the project. The project overall will result in happier students, lower energy bills, cleaner air, and a more beautiful environment.

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