Renewing Recycling

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The Problem

We would like to order at least 60 more reusable recycling bins to replace our old, worn-out bins. These new bins are smaller, lighter, and are more mobile than the larger bins we currently use. I spent my own money to purchase the first 10 that we could try them out...and they are perfect for collecting cans/bottles in our high school! The larger bins are cumbersome, and having our entire building equipped with these smaller, more mobile bins would make the student-run recycling program run so much more smoothly!

Our Plan

Our Environmental Science 12 class runs our high school's biweekly recycling program. We collect paper/cardboard, as well as cans/bottles. We currently have large, tall, cardboard recycling bins in every classroom and office. They take up way too much space. Replacing those bins with these incredible, reusable, smaller, more versatile bins would make our collection time decrease AND we will spend less time out of the classroom running the program! These new bins will each be lined with a recyclable bag liner/garbage bag, so that the bags can be replaced as needed, thus saving the bins forever.

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The Benefit

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