Removing dairy and meat from out schools.

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The Problem

After having watched Cowspiracy, it became evident to me that the animal industry is, if not most, one of the largest contributors to deforestation, starvation, global warming, water consumption, dead zones in our oceans, water contamination, and the list continues. The idea that everybody on this planet can live off of dairy and meat is simply outrageous, as we simply don't have the land to do so. Of course, I, as an individual, I have decided that I will become vegan but this point on BUT its not enough. Yes, it creates some results, but we always need to take things a step further. We want the schools to begin only giving out meals that are vegan, as vegetarianism and veganism are the most sustainable options. (Veganism being the more sustainable of the two)

Our Plan

The beginning of the project will consist of a community and school screening of Cowspiracy, more important one will be the screening at the school. We'll work hard to get a big crowd, make admission free and give out food to get more people to come. This film is so strong it really changes your perspective on things, I'm sure it will have a profound effect on our students. After we do that, we plan to begin a petition, which will hopefully result in a ban dairy and meat products. We hope that this will revolutionize the way our schools feed our children.

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