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The Problem

For this project, I hope that I will be able to raise awareness for certain species in the coral reef that are facing extinction due to the way the coral reef is being treated. An example of one of the creatures in the wildlife are the dugongs. I wish that raising awareness will increase the dugong population, so that future generations will be able to study these magnificent creatures. With this I hope for the damage on the Great barrier reef to be monitored and reduced so that these animals can live in harmony. My final wish is for the there to be a sustainable food source quota system for fishing.

Our Plan

For raising awareness, in our school we can present this information to the student body on various occations like UAE national day as the people of the UAE enjoy giving back during this time. We can also present this in an assembly in our school during ramadan because this is a period of time during the year when all the muslims give up their desires and give back to the less fortunate and help all causes. Which leads me to believe that people will be very fond to donate their time and money to help our cause.

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