Reducing Straw Pollution

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The Problem

The main goal for this project is to reduce the amount of single-use plastic straw pollution within the Santa Monica community. But, in addition, I hope to increase knowledge and interest concerning environmental issues and appreciation for companies who make environmentally friendly decisions.

Our Plan

My objective is to convince restaurants to choose a more environmentally friendly method to supply their customers with straws. The first option would be to place straws in a container on the table versus in drinks. Many customers will opt out of straw usage, which will lead to a reduction in the use of plastic straws. This is an important first step in curbing the use of plastic straws. The second option would be to switch to using an alternative to plastic straws, erasing the use of plastic straws completely. The first two options could also be combined, creating a plan that eliminates plastic product use and reduces the consumption of alternative products. To increase the significance of my project, I have decided to try and bring it as much awareness as I can. I will run a bilingual (English and Spanish) blog specifically for the project throughout its entirety, and will also blog about the project in other environmental blog websites. In addition, I will run presentations concerning my project for local youth groups.

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