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    Los Angeles, California
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    14 to 18 Years

The Problem

Because of Covid 19, our school's water stations have been shut down. There are so many water bottles overflowing trash cans in every classroom. As an after-school team, we have been making posters and instructing our school to make sure to put their bottles in the box that we have made for each classroom. Our goal is to make some recycling commercials, posters, and signs that will bring awareness. We plan to personally recycle the bottles and with the money we get, we will give out gifts to students and classrooms that recycle the most. We will also get classes the recycle the most nicer and bigger recycling cans. We will also make a video showing how we impact our environment and what happens to the trash that does not make it to the correct area.

Our Plan

We will take pictures of the recycling areas in the classroom and count/weigh the amounts that are recycled. With the mini-grant, we will buy blank shirts so we can print out our recycling messages on them as well as put our school logo. The shirts will be part of the gifts that we will give away to those that recycle the most.

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