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    Helsingborg, Saskatchewan
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The Problem

Our wish and misson for the project is to get young people involved and engaged in the enviormental issues. To get people and Youngsters to see that you don't have to buy new stuff all the time, because it's a waste of earth's resources. What you can do instead is to reuse, redesign and recycle the clothes, furnitures, jewelery and other things you already have! So the misson is, take care of the earth's resources!

Our Plan

We will have a workshop that youngsters will be able to join with us in three days. In the workshop we will redesign all kinds of old stuff! We, the ones who's organizing it, will buy furnitures, clothes and other things on second hand shops before the workshop begins so we actually have things that we can use and recreate. Everyone who's taking part of the workshop can bring their own things to! For example we will create bracelets out of old cables, because it's important to take care of out electronics gadgets. We will make old chairs get a new cool and special look. Anything you can come up with that, for example, can make an old shirt come in good hands or some old jeans being used as something else, we are open for any kinds of imagination!

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