(Re) Design Plastic for the Planet Challenge!

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The Problem

We hope that through the project we can spread more awareness about the impact of plastic pollution on our community and local ecosystems. We learned about the impact of plastic pollution in our school and community, and learned all about the Great Pacific Garbage Patch. In addition, we learned all about how most plastics in the US are not being recycled, and instead thrown out in the landfill or into the ocean. We wanted to take action on these issues by reusing or repurposing these wasteful plastic products into new, useful items to help alleviate the amount of plastic that is going to the landfills.

Our Plan

Students will be working the entire month of April to learn about the chemistry of plastic, experiment with bioplastic, and redesign wasteful plastic items with bioplastic / repurposed plastic to be more environmentally friendly. They will be constructing their products towards the end of the month, along with a package design, ad campaign, and a digital blog to promote awareness about the project. In May, we will do a gala event where students will get to present their findings and sell their redesigned products to raise awareness and money for an organization dedicated to stopping plastic pollution.

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