Raising Awareness on Marine Life Issues

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The Problem

My hope for this project is to raise a team of caring individuals who are willing to put in an effort to try and raise awareness for all marine life in both the wild and captivity, as well as hopefully grow large enough to where we may make a significant amount of people understand the dangers that we cause to our waters as well as trying to raise money to put towards donations going to organizations who are looking to better our marine life on earth. Unfortunately if we do not have school support it will be harder to raise money and awareness of this cause but the goal of this project is to spread awareness through much more then just BBSS with the help of the school board or the staff/students of other schools not just including those of Kenora, ON. Team Leaders: Mitchell Kufflick

Our Plan

My project is looking towards getting support mainly through the students and staff at BBSS as well as being open towards any other people who would like to help from the community and globally! Although we still have a very low amount of people who are interested so far I look to strive towards doing numerous things during and after the school year, some of these things including: Marine Awareness Week (a time where there will be many posters around the school as well as a table or booth of some sort where there will be information sheets talking about local and global marine life issues as well as sign-up sheets to join this project and either crafts or goods of some kind that we can sell to students/staff to raise money in a non-profit way to donate to worthy organizations/charities), An extra curricular group that can spend time thinking of future plans for the project in terms of making donations and gaining support and people who would like to join, and much more cool things! This project will be open to all types of people joining regardless as long as they want to help and are willing to put in the effort to making a change in our world for the better. If you are looking to gain more information on what this project plans on doing I will be personally open to talk to at 1-807-464-1016 or if you would like to contact me in person I will be available if I have given you further contact information or if you see me anywhere in person I will always try and make time or schedule time where we can talk about this project, further projects and anything else you may have any questions on. Thank you for any support given to this project and any of those who choose to help in it as well for your time to read through this if you have. A GoFundMe will be made in future times to accept donations of non-profit.

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