R.I.C. (Really Intelligent Cart)

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The Problem

Since the start of COVID-19, the number of people getting sick and sometimes even hospitalized has been getting worse and worse. The CDC recently reported a 107.2% increase in COVID infections around the world compared to July 2020. This is partly due to people coming in contact with objects that many people, who may have had COVID, touched. Ending COVID won't be easy, but we can help stop the spread by innovating existing problems. Shopping carts are used on a daily basis by thousands of people, hence making it a magnet for COVID to spread. So creating a contactless shopping cart is one big step we need to take to help stop the spread of COVID!

Our Plan

1. To create an autonomous cart to allow for a hands-free shopping experience, and thus prevent the spread of diseases. 2. To be as cheap as possible to allow for multiple carts to be purchased by store companies. The Really Intelligent Cart, or R.I.C. for short, is a smart shopping cart controlled by an Arduino Uno and powered by a 12V battery. It will move using 2 VEX motors. It will follow the customer using their phone's GPS coordinates (which are detected with a GPS module and sent to the phone using an HC-05 Bluetooth module).

Themes Addressed

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    Displaced People

The Benefit

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