Publish and report illustration and article on Vaquita the endangered marine animal

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The Problem

Vaquita, the world's most rare marine mammal, is on the edge of extinction. I wish for my project to bring awareness to the potential extinction of the Vaquita porpoise. The rare porpoise is found in the Mexico's Gulf of California and is considered critically endangered by the World Wildlife Foundation. I hope my report on the animal and its endangered status published in the Bear Essential News will bring awareness to my readers. I hope everyone supports and encourages safe fishing methods and call for an end to illegeal fishing activities from Mexico and USA.

Our Plan

As the official young reporter for Bear essentials newspaper (publication in Phoenix metro areas and Tucson, Arizona), I will draw and color a Vaquita to illustrate the beautiful porpoise for my readers. I will research and write an article about the marine porpoise and include details of the endangered species, its habitat and reasons for its near extinction status. I will review my article and illustration with the Bear Essential News editors and then publish it.

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