Publish a report in the Bear Essentials Newspaper for kids about the endangered Vaquita Porpoise (marine mammal)

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    Phoenix, Arizona
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The Problem

Bear Essential News for Kids® is published monthly by Kids' View Communications Corp. to educate, enrich and entertain children and their families. I have been an official young reporter for Bear Essential news since I was 10 years old. I support my reports with my own illustrations, and have several reports published in the past. My reports on Science education events and endangered animals have been published. I want to create a project where I will research and publish facts about the critically endangered marine mammal called the Vaquita. These porpoises are near the brink of extinction and i hope my report will educate and enrich my peers in Arizona about the mammal. I hope everyone will take steps to eat sustainable seafood and support the causes that help save endangered animals.

Our Plan

I will research books, fact based websites, biological facts and news articles about the Vaquita Porpoise. I will write an article, cite resources and submit it for review by the senior editor guides at Bear Essential news. I will also draw and illustrate my own picture of the Vaquita to accompany the article in the newspaper. I will work to ensure any edits and suggestions from the editor reviews are included into the article and then will submit final draft for publication.

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