Providing Healthy Options to Refugee Families

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    Omaha, Nebraska
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The Problem

In our community we have a large refugee population. Many of these refugees are taking the time to learn English, but are still struggling to find jobs and in turn, provide for their families. These families are learning American customs, and many begin buying foods that are processed and inexpensive rather than fruits and vegetables. My third graders and I would like to create a class garden in our classroom to help provide healthy foods to our refugee families. We would like to use window ledges to create our class garden so we can monitor progress and provide care in our classroom. Having a class garden will give students responsibility, help our community, create real-life learning experiences, and give students an understanding of the impact of helping others.

Our Plan

We will know our campaign is successful by the response we receive from our refugee families that are receiving the food. Our class will keep data on what is grown, the rate at which it grows, which fruits and vegetables are wanted the most by families, and what is easiest for our classroom to grow.

Themes Addressed

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    Food Choices

The Benefit

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