Providing Bug Repellents for Parents in the Playground

  • Location
    Glastonbury, Connecticut
  • Status
  • Age Level
    5 to 7 Years
  • Project created by Ian

The Problem

It's essential to provide a safe and healthy environment for children to play and learn in playgrounds. However, insect bites frequently happen while they are playing on playscapes. They cause discomfort, itching, swelling, and potential allergic reactions, even Insect-Borne Diseases. Not all parents carry bug repellents with them while visiting playgrounds.

Our Plan

As bug repellents are not always readily accessible in our town playgrounds, we plan to purchase kid-friendly bug repellents and distribute them in the three major playgrounds (Riverfront, Addison, Buckingham) in our town.

Themes Addressed

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The Benefit

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