Protecting the endangered korean animals

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The Problem

I would like to save the animals that are nearly extinct in Korea, namely, the KORED's. For a fact, I know that the Mount Baek du tiger is nearly extinct. There are others like the black eagle, where there are about 17 million living around the world, but only 5 left in korea. There is also the otter, which is being caught for their skin. There is also the sea lion, which lives in Dokdo, one of our countries pride. The moon bear is also a great example of the endangered animals in Korea. I would like to protect these animals, and alert our countries people to these problems, plus our government.

Our Plan

My project will hopefully rouse the people in korea to do some real action, since animals had lived with humans for a long time, and people in korea had grown knowing these kinds of animals. Also, I think our country needs to finish making the Red Data Book, where endangered wildlife is printed on. Our country has not finished this book, while other countries like Japan and China had. For our citizens to be more interested in protecting our wildlife, our country must finish this book quickly.

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