Promoting Sustainable Tourism in Sanganigwa Children’s Home

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The Problem

The Jane Goodall Institute Italia main project is the Sanganigwa Children’s Home in Tanzania and it offers a warm welcoming Guest House to encourage Sustainable Tourism. The Sanganigwa Children’s Home started as a humanitarian and environmental Roots & Shoots programme, which gives protection to orphans and has been converting itself to use of renewable energies and structures. Our intention is to advertise Sanganigwa as a international responsible tourist destination as well to expand volunteer engagement.

Our Plan

Sustainable Experience represents a caring and protecting volunteer activity as well as the promotion of environmental and social-cultural awareness. To collaborate as an sustainable tourist in our local community in Sanganigwa entails not only the duties a volunteer will do, it also gives a chance to explore places around Kigoma and gives an unique insight into the culture of Africa.

Themes Addressed

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    Indigenous Rights
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The Benefit

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