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    Queens, New York
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The Problem

#ProjectPeace aims to shed awareness of the negative effects of violence by showcasing various real life perspectives of its harmful impact. With the help of violence interrupters, therapists, mediators, and mental health professionals; we wish to solve many conflicts and raise awareness on these social issues among local victims via creative arts events in the Queens community while creating a global impact via social and digital media sharing.

Our Plan

The #ProjectPeace initiative will consist of: the facilitation of creatively formatted interviews, the offering of "Peace Pledge" cards, conference style engagement with government leaders, collaboration with mental health professionals and community peacemakers, and seasonal hosting of arts events that will draw the attention of local, national, and global leaders through a documentary style production. Through its digital and social media sharing component, we will create awareness of this important cause throughout the world. We will measure the success of the initiative by tracking the amount of "Peace Pledges" we receive (in-person and online), funding raised, resolutions obtained through government officials and policymakers, social media engagement, event attendees, changes in statistics on violence as reported by respective police departments, and our organization's capacity building.

Themes Addressed

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    Community Enhancement
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    Peace & Safety

The Benefit

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