Project Snack

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    Ipswich, Massachusetts
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    Any Age

The Problem

In our school we're trying to solve the problem that some people don't have good food for snacks. We're trying to get snacks that don't have as much added sugar and saturated fats. Also, some kids don't have any snack at all, and we feel that if you are hungry you should have a snack.

Our Plan

First we found out how many snacks we needed for our school. Then we researched what a "good" snack was and how to read food labels. We had to learn how to order snacks with the school. We taught classrooms what made a snack "good," and then surveyed them for what kind of snacks we should get. In the meantime, because we were running out of food, we bought snacks to hold us over, and then we finally raised enough money from the Friends of Ipswich Education System (FRIES) to buy snacks to support every kid all the rest of the school year.

Themes Addressed

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    Food Choices
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    Food Insecurity

The Benefit

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