Project Freshman F.I.R.S.T. Roots & Shoots Campaign(Freshman-Integrating-Resources-Service-Learning-Together )

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The Problem

The wish is to implement Freshman F.I.R.S.T.Roots & Shoots Campaign actualizes our name in Freshman- Integrating- Resources-Service-Learning- Together in environmental stewardship. Ninth grade high school freshman are dedicated to collaborating to realize Dr. Jane Goodall vision to make the world a better place. The program builds on the legacy and vision of Dr. Jane Goodall in securing human capitol and financial resources and power for creating practical solutions to big challenges of environmental stewardship in the hands of the ninth graders. Pioneering a school/ community initiative, 365 ninth graders showcase learning into action in a continuum of inter-generational services to identify and address community needs related to preserving and conserving limited environmental resources. The program objective is to engage students in an innovative community service environmental stewardship initiative in the application of academic skills learned in Environmental Studies, Biology and Language Arts classes into community service, fostering organizational skills, effective communications skills and realistic application of problem solving processes, logic and budgeting. It facilitates the design and dissemination of an effective model school/community Roots & Shoots Campaign Service Learning Program that advances environmental stewardship, youth leadership and fosters inter-generational dedication to addressing the environmental needs of our community. In addition, teachers, students and neighbors collaborate in designing and disseminating a Freshman FIRST Roots & Shoots Program Operations Guide to enable nationwide and international replication.

Our Plan

Freshman F.I.R.S.T.Roots & Shoots Campaign addresses local environmental needs related to conservation and preservation of natural resources, specifically in local watersheds, streams and parks. Our approach is to work enlist 365 grade nine students to collaborate with our science teachers, local environment and EPA specialist, civic and business leaders and community volunteers to address needs while actualizing or transferring knowledge gained in school to address local needs. The program objective is for all 9th graders, each who are enrolled in Environmental Science or Biology classes to take action and outreach to enlist at least one community volunteer (adult) to work with us to address the identified needs of our community watershed, creeks, banks, parks and recreational areas. The Project's academic and community service goal is focused for at least 85% of students to master at least 7 of the designated core curriculum concepts related to: Biology and identification of endangered specifies and Earth Science related to Recycle and May 2016. In addition, it is the goal of the project for each student to enlist at least one adult or young friend to assist in on going community service as environment stewards and by May 2016 for at least 80% progress will be demonstrated through pre-post assessment and Project Freshman FIRST Roots & Shoots Campaign Rubric. The Rubric is modeled on Youth Serve America to evaluate and to tell the community that local high school freshman are prepared scholastically and are competent young citizens to lead a diverse democracy and economy, showcasing abilities “to make a difference” and "to put into action" federal/ state Core Curriculum Standards related to earth science and environmental understanding and stewardship. The Project coordinates community volunteers of all ages and ethnic groups in cleaning two local Green Acres and coordinating the restoration of the local Assiscunk Creek with native plants and shrubs and clean and preserve the habitat of the endangered Bog Turtle, students services will advance the goals of the International Biodiversity Action Plan and the Cleaner Planet Today Project.. Project Freshman FIRST Roots and Shoots Campaign fosters organizational skills and effective communications skills and realistic application of problem solving processes, logic and budgeting skills to address identified environmental needs of the community. The project objectives include: By May 2016, at least 85% of participants will dedicate at least 75 hours to community services in environmental stewardship. By August 2016, to develop and disseminate an effective model school/community Service Learning Program, detailed in a Program Operations Guide to enable replication nationwide advancing environmental stewardship among youth and community adults. By June 2016 facilitate “learning into action” providing a continuum of intergenerational services to identify and address community needs related to environmental stewardship. In addition, at least 50% of participants will outreach to and engage students who otherwise may not volunteer (I.e. Special Needs, or economically disadvantaged or educationally disaffected youth) to become involved in environmental stewardship activities in the school and community..

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