Project Feed the Birds: From Trash to Bird Feeder

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The Problem

We want to attract beneficial birds to our school as part of our commitment be of service to our school environment. We want to provide our school community with a greater appreciation of the relationship of birds to our environment. We think this will also make the school community a more beautiful and peaceful environment, more in harmony with nature. We will also show our school community how we can re-use trash to create something useful and beautiful that helps our environment and makes birds, plants, and humans happy.

Our Plan

The timeline is about 3 months, which we started by brainstorming and researching. We have been looking at different models for bird feeders that we can build. We will re-use various materials that otherwise would be thrown out as trash to make our bird feeders. We have brainstormed various questions we have such as whether different kinds of food attract different birds and what kinds of birds are good to attract in our area. We will continue to research about birds, bird feeders, and bird food and decide on models of bird feeders to build. We will present a proposal to the principal to get permission to implement this project, and this will enable the students to put together an organized presentation describing our project, the rationale, and how it will benefit our school community. Guided and facilitated by their teacher, students will read, discuss, use information they gather through research to answer questions, make decisions, organize the information and use the information to support their positions, and create something lasting to benefit their school environment. Hopefully, once the project has been implemented, students will present to various classes or perhaps even to the school. Students can talk about the project as well as how people should interact with birds they observe at the bird feeders.

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    Community Enhancement
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