Productionof dustless chalks for education purpose.

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    Dar es salaam
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The Problem

I wish to see Projects excel to finished products so that the end users could enjoy the fruits of using the dustless Chalks.

Our Plan

Production of dustless chalks is the project to enhance environmental conservation policy through education programs. >Dustless Chalks will provide the teachers with the beautiful working environment than before since they will use the dustless chocks. I will provide free education on the benefits of using the dustless chocks. >This project will also enhance the government to provide free education since they will obtain the dustless chalks at affordable price. I will collaborate with the government and any private firm which need to invest more on production activists. >>The project will bring new hope to the youth since will provide employment opportunity. I will be in a position to recruit youths for employment.

Themes Addressed

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    Indigenous Rights
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The Benefit

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