Preservation of Girl Scout cabin, on 5 acres of pristine land

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    Claremont, California
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The Problem

Due to low use, our Girl Scout cabin fell into disrepair. When we found out, we jumped at the chance to see if we could shed light on this beautiful, pristine land and bring awareness to the history of old Claremont. There were several parts to this project. We talked to the newspapers so the community could learn about La Casita cabin, and we partnered with groups to help improve the cabin. A Boy Scout received his Eagle Project by building us an Archery Range. The Girls Scouts fronted the money for a high ropes course. We asked a friend to make a drone video so we could show the property easily to friends online. Pomona College brought a team of outdoor students to train the girls on the ropes, making the cabin very desirable for overnights and camps! We cleaned up the cabin, and rented it for troop meetings. We started a recycling program, so girls could recycle their water bottles. A brochure was made so we could ask others to rent the property. Claremont Rotary Club and Kiwanis Club donated money, and community families donated too (total 16K so far). La Casita is now used almost every weekend, and Scouts from all over come to hike and learn about the land, animals and plants there. It's been a wonderful project and we are thrilled with the outcome!

Our Plan

Our project was small, but had a huge impact. Since we started working on preserving La Casita it has been rented almost every weekend. A summer camp was started, first just only 1 week, but this summer was now 2 weeks, and it brings 70 girls each week to the camp to learn about all things plant and animal related. We asked the Ranger to come and give us a hiking tour. He connected us with the Fire Department that came to teach us about First Aide. The Audubon Society wanted to come and teach us about birds. The list of helpers and partners keeps growing because people care about this land and want to preserve it for girls and boys to come and learn. They want to teach the girls new skills in a quiet and safe environment outdoors. We have an outdoor classroom (benches and cover) so we can have a lot of girls in the classes. The impact was great and we are very proud that a small group of us cared enough to preserve this land and property.

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