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The Problem

It's all about make people aware of pollution of our coast.

Our Plan

We’ve discussed with the students about pollution, recycle and reuse, and so the project came out. 1- The students analyse the consequences of the degradation of our shores. They were particularly interested in the animal part so they did lots of researches about dolphins and turtles, since they are the main victims of this decline. 2- Then, a marine biologist of the University of Salento, who is also a member of JGI Italia, joins us in this project. He helped the students analysing a section of the coast, which is particularly damaged because completely exposed to the current of the sea. We obtain a special partnership with a team of scuba divers as well. 3- In May it’s been organized a day for the cleaningup, the students were collecting the garbage on the beach, while the scuba divers went under water doing the same team. 4- They studied the biodegradability of all different type of waste, focusing on the time, and the permanence in the environment. Out from these researches they made up posters, bookmarks and big panels to publicize the information in as many beaches as possible in that area. Another amazing thing they’ve done is that from all the garbage they’ve collected, they’ve created some beautiful designed items, for fundraising for our orphanage in Kigoma.

As regard as the funds, we won a competition announcement from the province, so we’ve fortunately got the financial help from the province itself.

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    Clean Water
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The Benefit

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