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    Port Byron New York, New York
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The Problem

That the students will develop an enhanced sense of personal integrity and empathy for others as they engage in the service learning Project.

Our Plan

The students will engage in a “Hands On” service project addressing a multiplicity of tasks: Creating and building empathy and compassion for fellow citizens, establishing a community conscience and extending humanity to a segment of our community that is often forgotten or neglected.
Students will create, purchase and author Holiday cards and notes that will be delivered to the nursing homes and hospital. The students will also create cards that will be distributed to homebound Veterans with a “Star” enclosed from a flag canton.
. Many students do not have the benefit of grandparents and this activity provides a positive network allowing for the students to foster a human connection with elders in our community.

The student’s personalized community service experience actions foster within each a “community conscience” that is vital as they mature into proactive citizens within our society. As an extension of their Carepassion the students will help and participate “hands on” in a public educational ceremony in December 2020 honoring Veterans their families and community organizations.

Themes Addressed

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