Pollinator Week Event at Stony Kill Farm Environmental Education Center

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    Fishkill, New York
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The Problem

Stony Kill Farm is a great location to teach people about bees! Since it is both a farm and an environmental education center, people visit who want to learn about animals AND saving the environment! The hope is that the Way to Bee Worker Bees will be able to teach the visitors about bees and how important they are, teach about the threats that bees are facing, and then help them to learn and choose to use the 4 easy Ways to Bee that anyone can use to help the bees!

Our Plan

The Worker Bees will be recruiting Bee Helpers to show what they have learned from NY is a Great Place to Bee! If anyone wants to participate with a display, a craft, or an activity, the Worker Bees will help them. They will also run the pollination and honey-making game to explain how important our pollinators are and how hard they work, the Communication: Scent ID and Communication: Language of Dance stations, as well as the always popular native wildflower seed bonbon making! There will be the opportunity to make native bee houses from recycled materials, and possibly also hibernacula for bumble bees, and other activities to be updated as time gets closer!

Themes Addressed

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    Community Enhancement
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The Benefit

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