Please help me help the African Elephants

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The Problem

Jane Goodall taught me that children can make a difference. All they need to do is find what they are passionate about. I am passionate about helping the African Elephants.

Our Plan

My name is Charlotte Hawthorn and I am 9 years old. Two years ago I saw the documentary called Born to be Wild at the Natural History Museum in NYC. I was inspired by the work Dr. Dame Daphne Sheldrick has done to save the orphaned African Elephants in Kenya. I decided I would do anything I could to help. To stop the poaching of elephants we have got to stop the demand for ivory. All of the stockpiles need to be burned. Ivory is in high demand in China and many people do not realize the elephants are actually killed for their tusks. We need to make sure everyone understands that IVORY KILLS. Please help me help the African elephants. I have designed shirts you can buy. All profits will go to The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust. I hope this inspires you to help your hero or heroine. Thank you for your help, Charlotte

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