Plastic Pollution- The Parallel Projects

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The Problem

My name is Justin. I am in third grade and I live in Los Angeles, California and I really like frogs. I didn’t realize my love for frogs would turn into a passion for taking care of the planet. When I was in kindergarten, I learned almost one-third of frog species are on the verge of extinction due to pollution, pesticides, and habitat destruction. I also learned that frogs are indicator species and herpetologists believe frogs are telling us the planet needs our help. Dr. Jane Goodall also told me there is a small window of time to help save the environment. This inspired me to be brave and spread my message to change the world.

Our Plan

I want to clean up the planet, help solve our world’s plastic pollution problem, and find ways to make lakes, ponds, oceans, and drinking water cleaner for all. To accomplish my goals, I tell people about the frogs, meet with change makers on skype calls and in youth councils, and my favorite thing to do is turn trash into treasures with others around the world to bring awareness to cleaning up the planet in efforts to find solutions to use less plastic and create products that are good for the environment. Most importantly, I believe together we can make the world a better place and a better place for me is a world full of colorful and vibrant frogs that add a little magic touch to our home- Planet Earth.

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