Our World’s Plastic Pollution Crisis- Garbage Guts

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The Problem

The mission of the Parallel Projects is to raise awareness and bring solutions to our world's plastic pollution problem. We work with youth “in parallel” in the United States and Tanzania. We know single use plastics are a major cause to why our oceans are polluted. Rivers and oceans are connected worldwide so when one country does not have the resources to recycle or have proper places to dispose of single use plastics then it turns into trash and gets into our waterways harming sea life, human life, and our planet.

Our Plan

Our plan of action is to raise awareness and educate youth in Tanzania and the United States “in parallel” and then create change. Our first plan of action was to buy the book "Garbage Guts" by Heidi Auman for schools to educate the students about the dangers of plastic ingestion. The book is written by a scientist who we had the opportunity to interview. Our second plan of action was to teach the students plastic facts and share the documentary “The Story of Plastic”. Our third plan was to have students take a pledge to not litter, use less plastic, and pledge for an animal that inspires them to care for the planet. We also made a goal to get 500 pounds of plastic out of our waterways and create change with businesses and world leaders.We measured our success by the positive student participation. The mini grant allowed us to send 10 Garbage Guts books to schools, we collected over 500 Pledges, and got 500 pounds of plastic and trash out of the waterways with The Interceptor boat. We started working with businesses such as Native Shoes, Crate and Barrel, and Old Navy and presented a call of action at COP26 Conference.

Themes Addressed

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    Water Pollution & Conservation

The Benefit

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