Planting Trees to Save The Bees

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    Cleveland, Queensland
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The Problem

In my project I'm going to be planting a pollinator garden. I'm going to to use native species of trees and plants to Australia that produce a lot of pollen. I want to attract bees and other forms of wildlife back to my school. Once I get my garden going I want to get a native beehive at my school which will increase the population of bees in that area

Our Plan

I have partnered with Ruth Dyer from Indigiscapes in Capalaba, with her help we are going to select trees and plants that are native to Australia and plant them around my school in hopes to attract more bees and more wildlife around my school and my area. Then I am going to fundraise money for a native beehive and the transportation of the queen bee to my school. From there I am looking to partner with the Redlands bee keeping association to keep the beehive regularily maintained. And then I'm going to look to work at other schools in my area and setting up pollinator gardens and beehives there as well.

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    Community Enhancement
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