Planting Edible Plants for Children’s Home

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    St. Petersburg, Florida
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The Problem

This would be an extension to a project we just completed at the Children's Home. All of the children were very interested in the Florida Native planting event and expressed an interest and desire to have plants they could cook with and eat close to the homes they are currently living in.

Our Plan

We will purchase planters that can be placed on the front steps of the homes at Children's Village. The students with Roots and Shoots will start some herbs from seeds for the children at Children's Village to use in these planters. We will also purchase some more mature plants for the planters. We will visit the Children's Village with supplies they can use to decorate their planters and help them plant. We will review proper plant care and make follow up visits to help the children care for the plants and to teach them how to use the edible plants in the kitchen.

Themes Addressed

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    Community Enhancement

The Benefit

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