Plant it for the Planet

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    Chicago, Illinois
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The Problem

We are fighting to remove the factory from factory farming! We want to bring agriculture back into the hands of the people, promote agroecology, and food sovereignty!

Our Plan

We hope to become a long-term ally in the fight for change in the agricultural sector. To begin, we will help Food and Water Watch Organization push the Factory Farm Reform Act through Congress and encourage all Roots and Shoots and community members to participate in #EATMEATLESS. We hope to eventually create publicly-available digital maps that show all the small, local farms in Chicagoland, so residents know where they can go for food from farm to table. We also hope to create long-lasting collaborations between local farmers in Chicagoland and DePaul University.

Themes Addressed

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    Climate Change
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    Factory Farming
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The Benefit

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