Petitioning the Environment Ministry to stop culling of wildlife in India

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The Problem

I have started a petition on appealing the Ministry of Environment, Forests and Climate Change (MoEFCC) to rescind the permit to cull species declared as 'vermin'. Elephants, wild boars, nilgai (a type of deer), monkeys and peacocks have been declared as vermin (pest) in some states of India. Culling is certainly not the right solution to prevent human-animal conflict, and there are many other humane ways to prevent such conflict.

Our Plan

My petition on was started on 23 July 2016, and has garnered 857 signatures from compassionate people worldwide. I believe that petitions are an effective form of expression of opinion. All I need is support from more people, because the number of signatures is what makes a petition strong. Anyone can sign the petition throgh this link: Thank you for any support!

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