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    Huntington Park, California
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The Problem

Acknowledging that the Los Angeles Mission constantly requires hygiene supplies to provide to the homeless community coming in everyday, the Personal Care Drive is a project where high school students can take steps to help the community and an initiative demonstrating the youth's concern for issue of homelessness. Through this project, the club is constructing an educative environment where everyone can learn about the services of the L.A. Mission and its impact upon the issues around them. Our goal is to be able to provide a sufficient amount of hygiene and beauty care products to this organization in order to provide aid to the people. Our club has a goal of collecting 50 products. Despite the amount of products our club donates in the end, the Huntington Park Key Club hopes to create a unique impact to the L.A. Mission.

Our Plan

The Huntington Park Key Club is hosting a Personal Care Drive, in which our club is collecting different hygiene and beauty care products for the homeless community, from January 25 to February 15. The items collected in the drive will be donated to the Los Angeles Mission, whom will distribute them to the individuals who require the assistance for their care and benefit. Acceptable items include nail clippers, mouthwash, conditioner, shampoo, lip balm, hair gel or grease, deodorant or antiperspirant, body wash or soap, hairbrushes, toothbrushes, and toothpaste. Boxes, where the products will be placed and packaged, will be placed in the classrooms that decide to participate in this event; members of our club can place those donations at anytime throughout the duration of the drive. We will talk to our advisory teachers and trusted teachers about supporting the project and have students donate products to the designated sites. The President of the Huntington Park Key Club will keep a log of all the teachers and administrators who agreed to support the drive and their contact for reference. Each officer of the Huntington Park Key Club Board has an assignment in the project: The President is responsible for the project's coordination and execution, the Vice President and Historian are responsible for the drive's promotion and advertisement, the Secretary is responsible for the management of the event's record, and the Treasurer is responsible for delivering the donations.

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