Path to Kindness

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    Staten Island, New York
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The Problem

Our Kids Action Team focused on recycling and decreasing litter in our school community and the community surrounding our school. in addition, we have been working toward kindness all year. We celebrated Respect for All week, had a huge Kindness campaign where students had checklists for a week to promote kindness. We participated in an Earth Day celebration to promote recycling and littering. We now want to create a Path of Kindness outside our school using rocks. We want parents and students to paint the rocks, including one inspirational word or quote, during our parent engagement evening in September. We then want to create a path outside the building which demonstrates our commitment to spreading kindness to others and mother nature.

Our Plan

We will complete this project during our parent engagement evening in September 2019. This project will give us the opportunity to include parents, as well as our students. This project will help sustain the work we completed this year.

Themes Addressed

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    Community Enhancement
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    Peace & Safety

The Benefit

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